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A Double Win

I have wash and wear Shar-peis, but they are not the best when kenneled. Finding the right place has been trial and error for me. Either they are good groomers but not very good with skittish dogs, or they are very nice but not so great on the grooming skills.  This place has both. They could not be more understanding and they have a mini run for dogs like mine. And they understand Shar-pei skin and fur. My dogs are happy and look fabulous when they come out.  This is a very professional place that puts the animals first and really knows its stuff when it comes to grooming ... I live close by but this is worth a drive. -


Actually, Howlistic Grooming is pretty fantastic.  I have been bringing my 2 small dogs (a Shih-tzu and Cockapoo) here for the past year. I got fed up with the poor service at Petco Grooming, and decided to try out Howlistic Grooming.  My dogs always come back so fluffy, clean, happy and with no cuts!  No complaints from us! The groomers are gentle, caring and patient. -


Howlistic Grooming did a fabulous job with my dog, Daisy! Great haircut, friendly staff, and Daisy seemed very relaxed there too. -


Recently moved to Chicago and needed to find a groomer for my 3 yr old shih tzu who is kept in full coat by the way. Anderson did a fantastic job. By far one of the best groomers we have ever been too.  Her coat was soft, shinny and I could not find a single mat.  Oh and he is very affordable too!  Normally it takes us forever to find a decent groomer but looks like this time we were lucky on the first try.  Definitely plan on returning and would highly recommend to anyone. -


What a great place! Anderson is so gentle and attentive to my little Sammy.....I use to take Sammy to Petsmart and  he was always shaking and had to be drug in there....Not at Howlistic....Sammy starts wagging his tail every time he goes in there.....Thank you Anderson for treating my little guy with care! -