A few words about your Groomer

            The Howlistic Groomer started his career as an apprentice 18 years ago in Columbus Ohio. After managing the grooming facility within a veterinarian hospital for 3 years his talents brought him to Chicago, where he took up work in the prestigious Gold Coast neighborhood for 9 years at the high volume salon known as Pawsitively.  

              Over time he was revered by his co-workers because of his patience and the techniques he used with his clients. Some have said he is a "Dog Whisperer". Approaching every groom with a common goal in mind. That is the pets safety and comfort. Along with satisfying the request of the pet owner. 

      Through his own personal philosophy and observation he recognized a growing trend in illness, and disease commonly prone to humans.  He saw the need for a 'Holistic Approach' to the art of grooming. Not just grooming the physical, but spirit and mind as well. 

             Dogs and Cats alike share an intrinsic connection to humans. So he created Howlistic to give them just what they needed: a spa day. One full of pleasant smells and soothing touch. To put them at ease and show them they are loved, and appreciated. Remembering that all living things share that need.


                                                                                          ONE LOVE