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The term "holistic" refers to approaching a task or mission as a whole rather than just focusing on the individual parts. At Howlistic Grooming we understand the importance of where you take your pet to be groomed. It is an experience that is going to follow your pet throughout his or her lifetime. This experience should be as stress free and as pleasing as possible.

That is why we choose all natural eco-friendly products and grooming techniques that have been deliberately designed to unite the body, mind, and spirit of your dog and to heal the negative affects that our sometimes toxic environment puts
upon them. 

Dogs have a particular sensitivity towards our emotional unrest and stress. Because they are loyal and determined to bring us joy they sometimes carry the burden of that stress within themselves. That's why Howlistic Grooming only chooses products that combine oils, herbs, botanical and flower essences specifically to help soothe and ease their minds as we groom and clean their skin and fur. 

Show your appreciation for your loved one, whose only job is to be of service and joy to you. Wellness in mind, body, and spirit is well worth the effort.



Our Services


The Humane Bath
Your pet is lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised bathers. We use a special procedure called "The Humane Bath" which emphasizes your pets safety and comfort

Your pet is observed for any health problems and a you will receive a report of these observations every time your pet is groomed.

  • Your pets ears are checked, cleaned, and deodorized.

  • Nails are trimmed.

  • The anal gland is expelled

  • A non toxic flea dip is used as needed

  • Your pet is fluff-dried, using strict safety standards.

Tidy Up
In addition to "The Humane Bath" we will freshen up your pup with a sanitary trim, rounding of the paws, trimming of hair between pads and trimming the hair around the eyes.

The Howlistic Trim
In addition to "The Humane Bath" your pet is trimmed by one of the highly-trained and qualified groomers. Our Howlistic Groomer will trim your pet to your request. If you would prefer we will suggest the most popular and fitting style for your pet from our wide range of options


Special services are available for ill, aged or disabled pets. Just ask the receptionist when making an appointment. For the safety of your pet prescribed shampoos must be accompanied by instructions from your veterinarian.





Prices are based on the size of the dog, starting with toy, then small, medium, large, and extra large




This includes Nails, Ears, Anal Glands, Blow Dry, and either Brush Out or Trimming of the Face, Feet and Sanitary



Includes the Humane Bath and Cut of Choice








*Prices may vary. These include: severely matted coats, and pets with behavioral issues. You will be informed in advance if any additional charge is warranted.


Satisfied Customers

a few words About the Owner


The Howlistic Groomer started his career as an apprentice 18 years ago in Columbus Ohio. After managing the grooming facility within a veterinarian hospital for 3 years his talents brought him to Chicago, where he took up work in the prestigious Gold Coast neighborhood for 9 years at the high volume salon known as Pawsitively.          

      Through his own personal philosophy and observation he recognized a growing trend in illness, and disease commonly prone to humans.  He saw the need for a 'Holistic Approach' to the art of grooming. Not just grooming the physical, but spirit and mind as well. 

             Dogs and Cats alike share an intrinsic connection to humans. So he created Howlistic to give them just what they needed: a spa day. One full of pleasant smells and soothing touch. To put them at ease and show them they are loved, and appreciated. Remembering that all living things share that need.






Phone Number: (312)733-3340

Located at 1258 s Halsted, Chicago Illinois