about us

The term "holistic" refers to approaching a task or mission as a whole rather than just focusing on the individual parts. At Howlistic Grooming we understand the importance of where you take your pet to be groomed. It is an experience that is going to follow your pet throughout his or her lifetime. This experience should be as stress free and as pleasing as possible.

That is why we choose all natural eco-friendly products and grooming techniques that have been deliberately designed to unite the body, mind, and spirit of your dog and to heal the negative affects that our sometimes toxic environment puts
upon them. 

Dogs have a particular sensitivity towards our emotional unrest and stress. Because they are loyal and determined to bring us joy they sometimes carry the burden of that stress within themselves. That's why Howlistic Grooming only chooses products that combine oils, herbs, botanical and flower essences specifically to help soothe and ease their minds as we groom and clean their skin and fur. 

Show your appreciation for your loved one, whose only job is to be of service and joy to you. Wellness in mind, body, and spirit is well worth the effort.